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Friday, 30 September 2011

October !

A lot of memory in October months, i miss that memory and never be erase ! 1stly, on 3rd Oct is my daddy birthday , i lovee you dad! i'm proud be your daughter dad even i'm a hot tempered and didn't hear your advice ! without you , who am i :( you are my super hero foreverr that i have ! act, i miss you a lot dad ! since after eid we didn't meet anymore ! i miss your cook , telur sambal ! umphhhh~ very nice and so tasty! really you are wonderful dad in the world! hehe :) 2nd, on Oct also i want evrything that i have is change especially my hair :) haha b'coz i want cut my hair like before! hopefully that i can do it! 3rd, i want go home on 6th oct , HOME SWEET HOME! i miss my dreamy pillow and my sweetest teddy ! also my big little sister *Elyana Rafee ! HAHA :D MOM! i miss you so muchh to and miss your cooking also! like *laksa JB , Asam pedas ikan pari , and Bubur lambok ! My Little Brother --> GOOD LUCK for your SPM! take care all~ Lot of Love <3

Not in Mood

I wish you were here :(

Thursday, 29 September 2011


Life is funny, isn't it? Just when you think you've got it all figured out, just when you finally begin to plan something, get excited about it and feel like you know what direction you're heading in, the paths change, the signs change, the wind blows the other way, north is suddenly south, and east is west and you're lost. It is so easy to lose your way, to lose direction. Well, first love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity. xoxo 

Absolutely Maybe

Maybe she's ordinary,
Maybe she's not pretty,
Maybe she looks typical,
Maybe she's broken-hearted,
Maybe she got problems,
Maybe she doesn't have any money,
Maybe she's not that smart,
Maybe she's alone,
Maybe she doesn't have any friends,
Maybe she's not confident,
But you can't tell,
She's not gonna be like that forever,
People are thinking everyday about themselves,
She wants to change,
She can be better than you,
Don't underestimate,
Don't think about yorself too much,
Don't be obsess about yourself,
Because it's not only you who is special,
Everyone is special in their own ways.

Final Just Around the Corner~

It's scares me like shit. But even if I'm scared. I don't seem to put any effort. I don't know why. Final is just around the corner but I'm acting like it's somewhere in brooklyn. Please, I need somthing to push me forward. I can't be like this. I have to get that 3.0 pointer and above or I'll be a loser shit! =,=''

Monday, 26 September 2011

kian bosan dengan rancangan TV skrg...
teutamanya 4 saluran TV ni...

Mana tak nya...
hari2 cerita indon...
dari pagi sampai malam asyik cite indon je...
sampai naik muak aku...
dah macam kat indon dah...
kalau kat indon, xde pun dieorg pasang cite dari Malaysia...

Dieorg ni tak sensitif ke?
macam mana industri filem/drama kita nak maju...
mentaliti dipengaruhi ideologi pendatang...
tau la banyak pendatang dari indon...
tapi bukan dieorg mampu nak pasang Astro nak tengok semua benda ni...
tukang gaji boleh la tengok sbb tuan rumah ada Astro...
tapi nnt dieorg pulak yg xbuat keje, asyik duduk depan TV...

Dah la cerita2 ni jalan cerita sama je...
pelakon asyik2 pelakon sama...
bosan kot...
PLEASE...perbanyakkan rancangan dari malaysia..
lagi pon aku ni ddk JB so siaran dari indon mcm SCTV, RCTI , TPI mmg confirm dpt.. bile bukak siaran Malaysia cerita dari seberang jugak.. so sgt2 Bosan lah. even rumah aku pon ade astro , bg aku lbh kurang je.. 

p/s : dah lama tunggu cite Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup, Bawang Putih Bawang Merah...susah betul nak kuar TV... Tp Versi MALAYSIA laa :)

Trust you!

Flowers dance in the wind,
rain moistens the Earth…
If everyone in this world want to live together,
why do they hurt each other?
Why do they separate?
No matter how far you go, you’ll still
be in my heart.
With that tender smile, I get buried and
held in a fragment of you…
Even if you feel pain…we’re tied together,
I believe we’ll meet one again.
I’m waiting for your love.
I love you, I trust you
I hope you’ll share your loneliness with me.
I love you, I trust you
be it in light or darkness, because we trust each other,
so don’t let go.
Who has seen the world’s end?
Who informed us of the Journey’s End?
I can’t see the answer now, but even in long nights,
I hope you’ll continue on the path you believe in
because a light is waiting for you.
The song you’ve taught me
still lies within my heart.
Together with you, that tender voice resounds in my heart.
The fragment of my overflowing emotions
streak down my warm cheeks.
I’ve become strong right? I believe, we’re tied together.
I’m always by your side.
I love you, I trust you
for you, I shed these tears.
I love you, I trust you
you taught me what love is. Even if you get lost on your way,
I’ll be with you.
Waiting for you love,
always by your side,
you’re the one that I love,
you’re the one that I trust,
you’re the only one.
I love you, I trust you
I hope you’ll share your loneliness with me.
I love you, I trust you
be it in light or darkness.
I love you, I trust you
be it sadness or happiness.
I love you, I trust you
I want to protect your everything.
Even if you get lost on your way,
I’ll be with you because we trust each other…
Don’t let go.

Losing one by one,
All that's left is
my one&only boyfriend.

If we want something,we have to lose something.
Does that mean if I want my boyfriend which is my everything,
I have to lose everything else?
Why is it that some people can have it all?
Answer me if you're GENIUS !  

I need something to wash away all this pain.


Okay,I wanna talk about guys&girls.In a relationship,there's so many different things.I mean,different relationship means different style.rite?but there's one thing in common.GIRLS always get so jealous with their boys but boys don't really give a shit about that.for me,all girls have sacrifice a lot in a relationship.they changed their looks,body size&everything to please their boys' heart.isn't it sweet?their mission is,so that their lover won't look at other girls!that's normal for every girl in this world.

But for guys,do they realize it?do they realise what their girls are wearing today,what perfume does their girl put on,what hair style did she make today...seriously,they don't!even if they do,they don't get hyper excited or can't stop complimenting..the real thing that guys will realise if you change your attitude.because once a guy love his girl,he loves them from the inside,not from the outside..

So my advice is,doesn't matter if they didn't compliment your best look for the day because all they really care is your heart..your sincere heart will make them see how beautiful you are..BUT if they still doesn't appreciate you even if you're sincere,you sacrifice a lot& know what babe?he's a jerk!

okay,actually I did this post just for fun!I just wanna give a little advice,don't break your precious heart because of a stupid&little's not worth it.. :))



i miss you

People get frustrated with boyfriends,

I get frustrated with friends. :(