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Monday, 26 September 2011


Okay,I wanna talk about guys&girls.In a relationship,there's so many different things.I mean,different relationship means different style.rite?but there's one thing in common.GIRLS always get so jealous with their boys but boys don't really give a shit about that.for me,all girls have sacrifice a lot in a relationship.they changed their looks,body size&everything to please their boys' heart.isn't it sweet?their mission is,so that their lover won't look at other girls!that's normal for every girl in this world.

But for guys,do they realize it?do they realise what their girls are wearing today,what perfume does their girl put on,what hair style did she make today...seriously,they don't!even if they do,they don't get hyper excited or can't stop complimenting..the real thing that guys will realise if you change your attitude.because once a guy love his girl,he loves them from the inside,not from the outside..

So my advice is,doesn't matter if they didn't compliment your best look for the day because all they really care is your heart..your sincere heart will make them see how beautiful you are..BUT if they still doesn't appreciate you even if you're sincere,you sacrifice a lot& know what babe?he's a jerk!

okay,actually I did this post just for fun!I just wanna give a little advice,don't break your precious heart because of a stupid&little's not worth it.. :))