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Saturday, 28 January 2012

I think you know the true , so dont pretend like you dont know anything. I know past is past, but you act like fool! Never mind. yeahhh! i never reply your text like you want. doesnt mean i am loser! Im realize everything that you done to me just like acting. you're the good actor actually in this world :) CONGRATE for that girl to have you , im not playing with my word but its a reality. its my blog , my rules! so plsss dont ever bother and busybody what im writing there. its not your business :) TQVM! As long as i am not bother your life , so dont bother my life. you can talk bad behind me what ever you want as long as the story for me is not true. but, dont get wrong if want talk bad about others see your life first. mayb i dont know more about you, but for me almost 365 days we have been togther it enough to me understand you. so its doesnt mean anything to hate or what. but its up to you to do anything. its not mybusiness, if i had a mistake, its not mean evryday i can do the same thing :) everyone can change. InsyaALLAH. never mind i have mylovely family that always beside me. how cruel of me or what they always love me n always give me chance to change~! Now it not time for me to fighting with you or what, i going older and for sure i must be more matured, its up  to you want block my FB again or what, mayb its not the end but its the beginning of my life to be more succesful person and become close with ALLAH. i always pray that i can be better. im sorry for everything. 
its over here :) but im still regret with all memory before. you know what i means, youre not the responsblity person. SEMOGA ALLAH TERANGKAN HATI AND DI BERIKAN PERTUNJUK ! aminnn :)