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Friday, 16 December 2011

The One That Got Away and It Will Rain

Do u know why I love those song?? Coz the lyrics reminds me of u. Every word in the song reminds me of u. Yes u..

•The One That Got Away - Katy Perry
U must've heard this song, don't u?  Remember the chorus? "In another life, I would make u stay, so I don't have to say a word, the one that got away, the one that got away"
Do u understand the meaning of the chorus? Every time when heard this verse, I'll remember my action towards u.. Yeah, i'm sure that u forget how long we're fighting don't u? This enough 3 month, that you are not mine.

•It Wil Rain
I'm sure u've already known why i love this song so much.. The song's video is related to my situation now. Yeah, u've left n i can't accept the reality thingy. Just the same. At 1st, many of my friends say "just let him go. don't stressed up urself". But i just can't. I still hoping for a miracle to happen. But after a few weeks, it's still the same. So i've decided to leave u n let u go. Delete u from my life. It's hard for me to do at first but now I'm okay ;)

I'm tired of crying, hoping n all that kind of stuff. For me, u've dead. But dunno from u're side. I'm not a superheroin until I can know ur true feeling.

So now I just wanna say gud luck for u to go on with ur life in KL. I'm just hoping for u to take care of urself n remember, KL's social life is not the same with JB. U'll have to be extra careful.
*Good Bye. Assalamualaikum :(