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Sunday, 20 November 2011

For You !

Mohd Shahrul Redzuan Bin Zainuddin :)

I wish you were here to accompany me like before, even i know can't.
i really miss you. i miss the way you call me at night and sing a lullaby song to me until i sleep. sweet kan awk?
i miss when you always says that you love me. that you have only me.
i miss when you always beside me, everywhere and always.
i dont know when i can get the memory back. 
i miss our memory sayang!

you tahu tak, every single 2nd im crying when i thinking about you. im thinking about our past memory. i cant stand like this anymore. i really need you. i know i do a big mistake in my life. but i dont want to lose you dear. even you hurt my heart too, with what are you talking about me, i will forgive you. just because i love you so much. 
I dont know how to describe my feeling now, its so hard to me to erase our memory , to forget you. 

Now, i know how your feeling when i hurt you heart. its not your fault. but im very fool,coz im not appreciate you as my boyfriends coz i only think about my life , my friends and my world. sorry , i know my appology does not means anything to you, but i really sorry :(

Dear, i need to tell you seriously i m get jealousy with you, i know you have other girls in your life, i really hate it! even we are just friends now, but i can't see you with other girls.    i want you like before, crying because of me when you tell me that you missing me. :'( 
but like you said before , " If ade jodoh we can be togther like before"..
i'm too hope that you back!!Plss babyy! i want you back!

I am so sorry with what i've done. "i tak nak tgk you mcm dulu lagi, please berubah. biaa laa I sorg je yg kene. " like you said before. yess! im willing to change. asalkan i dapat tebus salah i and jage you elok2. you know what, im lonely when you are not around me .
i can't hear your voice, i can't see your face. :( its hurt ! i wanna hugs you,  i wanna be with you always , dinner together, share our dreams and happinest!

I akan berubah untuk kebaikkan diri i jugak, maybe dah masa untuk i berubah. betul ape you cakap, and i tahu mmg salah i jugak, so i kene tanggung la ape pon kan. and benda pon dah jadi bubur , i can't get back my old time. but i can change everything now , change my attitude and my life ! i know you dont want to see me crying again , but i hope you understand that im not strong anymore to handle the problem. i want to appology to your mother n sister that im hurt their feeling. i dont meant it. 

Thanks ALLAH! Coz always beside me and make me calm even im always crying a lot. give me a strength to face my days without him! 

you, i hope one day kite being togther again, and i minta maaf dengan ape yang i dah buat pada you ! i promise for the last time, i can be a good girl for you, loyalty to you and always be humble. and thanks for being last chance to meet you and friends with me again.  i want you to know that i love you so much ! :( i dont want to lose you again.

i still keep this picture :

my Bambam <3

i will miss the moment ! :]

*Ya ALLAH kau lembutkan lah hatinya untuk kembali bersama DAN menerima ku. sesungguhnya aku hanya lah insan yang lemah dan perlu pertolongan dari mu ya ALLAH!