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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

MyBirthday !

ohhh! its mybirthday :) but so soooryy coz im late for update mybirthday <3 hihi seriously im so busy and dont have enough time lately! Anyway thanks a lot for who wishing my birthday and who are gived me present :) thanks a lot. On my birthday i got 25 call, 261 wishing through FB , 19 on TWITTER and 32 through the phone :D awesome! im so glad coz my old friends still remember myAwesome day! And Thanks a lot for my Lovely B, coz make a Suprise for me! yeahhh! i got LazoDiamond necklace 1 set :) im really appreciate it! the necklace look so nice.Love it <3 Now im sweet 20th years old and hopefully have a miracle happen to me this year! and our love everlasting forever , sentiasa di permudahkan segala urusan kami berdua dan murah rezeki! AMINN! #Thanks to myParent coz be the 1st one yang wish my birthday! hihi Thanks mom for the birthday wish through sms haha. And why is the message mentioning about finding the perfect guy to bcome my husband? -_-Aww mom... You gonna make me cry! :'/ anyway! i love you so much mummy! you the greatest mom i ever had ! :) But now i can't believe i'm 20 now! haha  2012 is Myperfect suprise i have! thanks so muchhh ! with <3 xoxo :D