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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Today with Sjazzel !

Today im really really happy with my <3 , he make me smile and smile. hihi he pickup me after my class finish then we got some lunch togther at MCD. Then we spent time togther. :) huhuhu then tonite he said want to go ALAMANDA for watching moviess and YEAHH! kenny rogers time <3 hihihi Now im pleased with him. the one that i love! he complete me. InsyaALLAH! everything happen have a reasons, but now i have him for accompany me. he the best friends , love, hubby and everything for me. :D *HOPE everlasting okay dear J <3  AWWWW! thanks sayang sebab tocang2 rambut i sambil you drive tadi. hihi sweeet kan you ni. hihi you suke main rambut i ehh, okay mayb on thurs nak pergi saloon <3 myJ nak myhair curly macam time skola dulu :)