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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Im Busy with my career !

Hey peeps! so soorryyy :( lame dah tak update entry ni kann. act, sekarang busy sgt lah, banyak job baru. finally my dreams come truee! yeahh! i wanna be modelling , so now im busy with my free lenses :) pray for me that i can do the best yaa ?! thanks for support! haa, fyi, da tak lame lagi dah nak start sem baru , kene daftar semua. aihh macam malas dah. hee oppss! now tak fikir lagi pasal dftar sem baru ni. tah laa. mood skrg nak enjoy with my dearest only and focus with my career. so far semua org sekeliling faham ape yang sy perlukan. takde halangan. Alhamdulillah. my life become better ! really appreciate it :) yesss! i'm pleased with my family, friends and him :) <3 thanks God you give me an angel like him! always care about me and understanding me. i love themm soo much! Aminn!!