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Friday, 18 November 2011

My Teddy Bear !

Hey evryone, today i will like to post in my entry about my teddy. I believe all women should be like state with a bear, and must have a bear, at times this story about this cute little teddy bear. in fact, this teddy bear gift by a someone special on my birthday.yes! is very meaningful. Thanks to you! But this bear was gone for me. I missed my teddy a lot.The big Bear named Bambam <3 AND the other one is Pupu  <3 i miss that memory When every nite i sleep i must hug Bambam <3 then he's call me sing a lullaby song until sleep. : (

*Bambam <3
 i got this huge teddy when im 19years old.
i love teddy! 
p/s : but bambam gone from me :'(

my name is PUPU <3
pupu , ilove you but sorry coz i keep you in huge box.
i can't see your face it make me cry.
because he's gave you to me to taking care of you!
but when he's gone, i can't.